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As a Professional Construction Manager, I understand that remodelers are selling a service and a process rather than a product. With that in mind, I recognize the emotional concerns which home owners face today.

Homeowners, in turn, need to be guided through every step of the remodeling process. They must trust their remodeler and feel certain that they will not abandon them, no matter what!

Experienced remodelers realize that a major remoldeling project is an emotional time for homeowners and gear their efforts towards reducing homeowners' fears. Contractors understand there will be delays, surprises, and upsets--it happens and the trick is to help consumers weather such problems. The reward, of course, is a better project, greater consumer satisfaction, and word-of-mouth recommendations that money can't buy.

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Four requirements stand out:

  • CONSISTENCY. Remodelers need to set up and follow consistent routines.
  • HONESTY. They need to tell homeowners what will happen each week and acknowledge any mistakes.
  • KEEPING PROMISES. Remodelers must keep their word. They must fulfill on the promises they make.
  • REASSURANCE. Consumers want to know their remodelers will be there to answer their questions and concerns - and that includes answering questions after work has been completed and checks have been cashed.